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Tampa Attorney, Mrs. Hope has substantial experience in all aspects of family law and domestic relations cases from intake through final disposition at trial. She has broad range of substantive experience acting as both defense and plaintiff’s counsel in civil litigation, representing clients in immigration proceedings and trust and estates mattes.


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"Eliza was extremely professional and thoroughly diligent when representing me in my dissolution of marriage case. I highly recommend hiring Eliza for all your legal needs."

""Eliza Hope today's judgement is YOUR victory and success! I owe it all to you! Your zealous efforts, your strength, your application and understanding of law resulted in today's ruling. You fought, stood and believed in this case and you believed in me. You were there applying law clinically through endless hearings, motions, answers to meritless motions, injunctions hearings, post-judgement hearings, enforcement hearings and 5 (yes, FIVE) appeals. We both went through personal attacks and baseless accusations. Anybody who has a slight idea of what I just described will understand the battles that YOU won for me. And you won them ALL. I want to thank you for being the best family law attorney out there, the best friend and a guardian angel for me and Julia. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I am forever grateful!"

"I was lucky to meet Eliza through Italian language classes and getting to know her not only as an individual but also professionally. She helped me resolve a problematic stacking and harassment case by my abusive ex-husband who popped out after many years of divorce demanding things from me. She knew exactly how to handle the case and was successful in protecting me from him. Not only she knew how to deal with the abusive ex-spouse but also she gave me great instructions on how to not fear him anymore. Eliza has been a true blessing for me and I think no other attorney would go above and beyond as she does for her clients. Thank you Eliza for bringing back serenity into my life!"

"I’m so glad Eliza took on my case. If it wasn’t for her I don’t know what I would have done. Eliza puts her heart and soul in all that she does and I’m so grateful for her professional representation!"

"It's been almost a year since you won my case so he's an update for you. He completed all of his visits here. The kids went to Florida for their first visit way during Christmas and it went well! We are able to co-parent cordially (most of the time- I still can't stand the sneaky SOB) he opted to not take his spring break visit but they'll go to him for his summer visits! Here's to a successful first year after court LOL! I hope you're well. Yous just keep being the badass you are! You made sure my world never fell apart, my kids were never effected and that's worth more than gold."

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