Divorce is one of the most stressful life events anyone goes through. Only the loss of a loved one is in its class, difficulty-wise, and divorcing generally involves many other changes of lifestyle and the standard of living. Even when you are the one initiating the divorce, the enormous changes that result are bound to throw you off and leave you feeling, at the very least, a bit lost.

The topic of divorce is no longer one that is shunned or looked down upon. It is still, however, an all-consuming and difficult procedure that can break apart even the strongest of families. It is important to take into account all elements and proceed with caution. Every maneuver to navigate the process can affect the outcome of the divorce.

Ms. Hope focuses on the protection and preservation of the marital assets by engaging services of the best forensic accountants, business and assets valuation experts and financial advisors in Florida. Dissolution of marriage is financially challenging to all parties involved. Ms. Hope aims for the prompt and efficient resolution of the case with the best possible financial outcome for her clients. She handles all aspects of the dissolution of marriage including the alimony/spousal support, the time sharing, the child support and any related matter.

Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, Ms. Eliza Hope, Esq. is qualified to handle all aspects of your divorce zealously, knowledgeably and skillfully, and provide alternative dispute resolution services such as mediation and collaborative family law.

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