Helping You Make Divorce Affordable and Amicable BUT If necessary We Litigate

When you come to Eliza Hope, Esq. for help with your divorce, you can benefit from the fact that I am not only a divorce attorney, but also a former Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law mediator. What does this mean for you? It means that, if you and your spouse are willing to work together to reach a compromise on the issues involved in your divorce, I can help you pursue a swift and amicable uncontested divorce which minimizes the stress and expenses involved in legally ending your marriage. Mediation does not depend on you and your spouse already agreeing on how to settle your divorce, but it does require that you are both willing to engage in respectful and constructive communication and can work together to settle the case outside of court.

Benefits include the following:

  • More control over the outcome
  • Less costly
  • Private and confidential
  • Flexible
  • Less conflict
  • Faster resolution
  • More collaborative

Mediation can be especially beneficial for divorcing parents, since they commonly learn new skills of communication and establish frameworks for discussion while avoiding arguments in the negotiation process. This can make the transition amicable, as both parents understand ways of communicating effectively in regard to their children.

Understanding Divorce Mediation

The divorce courts in Daytona Beach and throughout the state require couples to attend mediation before the judge will hear their case, unless they come to court with a settlement agreement already worked out. Mediation as an alternative dispute resolution approach for settling a divorce is different from the traditional image. Instead of having your own legal representation and entering the courtroom for a heated and often drawn-out battle over issues, you and your spouse come to the negotiating table with the purpose of reaching a mutually beneficial set of agreements on the issues involved in the divorce.


It is important to understand that the divorce mediator is present as an entirely neutral third party. The purpose of the mediator is to facilitate discussions between you and your spouse and to help keep the environment amicable. While he or she may help to clarify legal issues, the mediator may not advise or advocate for either spouse.

The mediator also cannot represent you in court at your final divorce hearing. Mediation is not the ideal solution for every couple, but when it is the best approach, it can often make the divorce faster, more affordable, and far less stressful for everyone involved. I can provide evaluation whether you and your spouse can move forward amicably through this process.

In the event we will not be able to negotiate an agreement – WE MOVE TO THE TRIAL!

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